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Natural Testosterone boosters claim to stimulate your body to produce more testosterone to support muscle growth. Testosterone is the main hormone associated with increasing muscle mass, strength gains, and sex drive. So it comes as no surprise that the search for ways to increase the body’s natural production of T is, and will always be, an ongoing one. Reference

When making homeopathic Testosterone Booster the pharmacist or physician starts with synthetic testosterone boosting herbs and a special base solution. The little testosterone is then put through the extensive homeopathic manufacturing process of succussion and dilution. Effectiveness of any homeopathic supplement depends upon the ingredients used and the manufacturing process. Homeopathic remedies should be made by hand and the guidelines of the HPUS should always be closely followed. Reference


This herb, used for centuries in foods, even poultices, was reported in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism to have reduced body fat and improved total testosterone levels. Fenugreek may also be helpful if you feel your sex drive is on the wane, as other research has found it can boost libido. Reference

Tribulus Terrestris:

This herb also called puncture vine, has been in use since centuries, especially in China and India, and is believed to boost testosterone levels. Intake of this herb is also believed to help boost sexual desire, improve sports function and manage erectile dysfunction. Reference