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There are many effective forms of Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy. Originally, Testosterone Treatments were only available via injection, but today, there are various forms of therapy available, including Testosterone Gels, Testosterone Creams, and Testosterone Dermal Patches. The newest approved form of treatment, however, is the Testosterone Spray. The popular form of Testosterone Spray. Testosterone oral spray is easy to use. Sprays provide excellent absorption. When an oral Testosterone supplement is sprayed under the tongue its active ingredients come in contact with the mucous membrane beneath the tongue and diffuse through it and enter the bloodstream directly and enter the cells within a matter of minutes bypassing the gastrointestinal tract all together. Reference

Oral spray delivery systems are not really all that new. For over a decade, they have been utilized in the medical community as a preferred method for promptly delivering medications. Testosterone sprays bypass the absorption problems accompanied by traditional pill form supplements. For instance, several states have already passed legislation that requires all self-administered heart medicine to be packaged in spray form for optimal rapid absorption. Oral sprays have a spray pump which delivers the Testosterone supplements onto the tissue lining under the tongue, which is easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Reference

Testosterone Sprays usually stimulate the Pituitary gland to increase the release of the Testosterone into the bloodstream. Testosterone sprays are not meant to replace the growth hormone in your body. The testosterone oral spray comes in a pre-set pump spray that is devised to convey the correct dosage in to your system. Most other types of supplements need to pass through your stomach and liver first before they get into your blood stream. Oral sprays get absorbed through the lining of the mouth and can start working almost immediately. Reference